The DIU E-Learning System


MBA students will be exposed to a range of top-quality online academic resources. DIU will ensure that students gain the most from this enriching experience.

  • All registered students from DIU are granted access to the DIU E-Learning System;
  • Duration of the program is a minimum of 16, an average of 32 and a maximum of 48  months;
  • Students wishing to prolong their academic studies may apply for an extension in order to accommodate their busy work schedules, family lives, etc;
  • MBA students must complete 14 courses (42 credits), plus the 6-credit MG5234 Management Consulting course. Students who intend to pursue a further academic career may elect to take the 6-credit RP5202 Research Project option in place of the Management Consulting course;


The DIU E-Learning System

Students are able to download course materials, recorded oral lectures, and videos directly through the DIU E-Learning System. Each registered student is provided with a password to access this service (provided for personal academic use ONLY and not to be given to any other individual for any reason), and the course materials and resources may be downloaded at any time. Students are requested to participate in online forum discussions organized by their professors and are equally encouraged to initiate such conversations with their classmates. 

The e-learning system contains:

  • an electronic page for each course
  • the e-library
  • 3 forums through which the student may interact. 

These are:

  • Forum 1: Student to student communication
  • Forum 2: Student to administration communication
  • Forum 3: Student to professor communication

Each professor will upload their course material at least once a week.  These materials consist of:

  • Course syllabus
  • Readings
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Audio/video files (sometimes there are only audio)


How we deliver our online programs

  • A new course will begin every month, and each course runs for two months;
  • Students will generally be guided by their professors but can contact DIU directly by phone or email at any time;
  • Students are expected to watch all lectures and study all materials assigned by their professors.
  • Students are responsible for submitting individual assignments;
  • Students will have ongoing academic guidance and feedback from their professors, who will remain in contact with students by email in order to monitor their progress;
  • Professors will inform students of their regular office hours – periods during which they will be available for live online chatting. Outside of regular scheduled office hours, students can contact DIU professors by email to schedule an online meeting or to address any questions they may have concerning the course and assignments;
  • Students should maintain the same email address during the course of their studies, so as to ensure that they receive all correspondence from DIU professors and administration;
  • Students should check their email regularly, as course updates and messages from the professor could arrive at any time;
  • Students contacting their professors by email can expect a response within 24 hours, unless the professor has informed them ahead of time that he/she will be unavailable;
  • All MBA course materials will be provided to all registered students through the DIU E-Learning system. In exceptional cases, students may be required to purchase course materials. They will be informed of any such requirements before registering for the course;
  • General announcements by professors and the DIU Administration will be posted on the online forums, keeping students and the rest of the registered DIU community informed and up-to-date.



  • All courses will end with a final examination or equivalent assignment;
  • Students are required to abide by the rules and guidelines set out by the professor in the course syllabus. Assignments and examinations must be completed and submitted on time. Late assignments will NOT be accepted, and any extensions must be coordinated with and approved by the course professor. Extensions that would delay a student’s completion of the course (e.g. for the final exam) must be approved by the DIU Administration;
  • Once registered, students will be required to adhere to the DIU Student Code of Conduct;
  • All non take home or assignment type exams are proctored by a professional proctoring organization. Students are required to present a valid passport or national identity cards that include a picture of the student. Students may be required to travel to a central location within their country of residence in order to sit for these exams.

Proctored Examinations

Students are required to identify a proctor when they write the final exams.  This person must be identified to DIU administration and they must sign a form that delineates their responsibilities with regards to fulfilling their one time proctor role.  All proctors must be approved by DIU administration and this can only be done when all required documentation is in place.  Students must also offer proof of enrollment in the program by bringing a copy of their Student Enrollment Agreement. Students are required to sign for any exams that they are taking.

Instructions for students

  • No one else in the room
  • No leaving the room
  • No cell phone use
  • No materials
  • No web browsing on your computer during the exam
  • The online exam cannot be printed unless specified in the exam instructions
  •  The exam should be submitted online in the provided Moodle course or other arrangements that the instructor and proctor agree on.
  • No television or radio
  • Proctors cannot be family members, friends, co-workers or anyone who has a vested interest in the student’s success in the course
DIU E-Library is accesible only by registered students. Please login to our E-Learning system, use your student ID number, and click on: "Link to DIU's ebrary site".
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