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English house-building at highest for a decade, 2017-05-25
More than 162,000 homes were started in England last year, the highest number since 2007/08.

Jonathan Ive: UK needs global talent, 2017-05-25
The UK should keep its doors open to global talent after Brexit, Sir Jonathan Ive tells the BBC.

Housing market moving sideways, lenders say, 2017-05-25
Loans worth £18.4bn were advanced in April, a significant drop on the amount borrowed in March.

UK economic growth estimate revised down, 2017-05-25
The economy expanded by just 0.2% in the first three months of the year, the ONS says.

Net migration to the UK falls to 248,000 in 2016, 2017-05-25
More EU citizens left the UK, and fewer came, after the Brexit vote, new figures show.

Mongolia gets financial aid totalling $5.5bn from IMF, 2017-05-24
The package aims to help Mongolia recover from a slowdown in global commodity prices.

What’s keeping Indian women from working?, 2017-05-24
Just one in five women in urban areas in India are in paid employment.

Dollar slips after cautious Fed minutes, 2017-05-24
Leaders at the US central bank want proof economic slowdown is temporary.

White House denies 'egregious' budget accounting error, 2017-05-24
A former US treasury secretary says it is the "most egregious" mistake he has seen in four decades.

Moody's cuts China's credit rating for first time since 1989, 2017-05-24
China dismisses the one-notch cut by Moody's, accusing it of using "inappropriate methodology".

Nokia 3310: How long could you survive with a retro phone?, 2017-05-23
Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones swaps his smartphone for the retro Nokia 3310 for a day.

Will Opec extend output cuts in bid to push up oil prices?, 2017-05-23
Opec is hoping to extend existing oil production cuts, in order to push prices higher.

Trump's $4.1tr budget takes hatchet to safety net, 2017-05-23
The White House says it is a "taxpayer first" plan, but even hardline conservatives have qualms.

How does Britain work?, 2017-05-23
The way we work is changing. Here's a breakdown of how people in the UK are employed.

Further signs of UK property slowdown in April, 2017-05-23
Both the number of transactions in the UK and the number of mortgages being taken out fell in April.

Government borrowing at three-year April high, 2017-05-23
The Office for National Statistics says the government borrowed £10.4bn last month.

Scotland sees record foreign investment, 2017-05-23
The EY Scotland Attractiveness Survey showed Scotland is the second most popular part of the UK to invest in behind London.

The mum whose home-based business is blooming, 2017-05-22
Dani Bolser built a business at home to balance work and childcare.

EU's Barnier refuses to imagine UK Brexit talks walkout, 2017-05-22
The European Union's Brexit negotiator says no deal is not an option in talks due to start on 19 June.

Portugal back to fiscal health, says EU, 2017-05-22
The country wins plaudits from the European Commission after its budget deficit falls to 2% of GDP.

Reproductive rebels, 2017-05-21
Contraception wasn’t just socially groundbreaking - it also changed the professional landscape.

How much household debt do we owe?, 2017-05-21
Steph McGovern examines how much we owe

Trump pulls trigger on Nafta negotiations, 2017-05-19
The administration formally notified Congress of plans to renegotiate the North American trade agreement.

Greece adopts more austerity measures in bailout bid, 2017-05-18
More pension cuts and tax rises are agreed as thousands protest in central Athens.

TV dinners, 2017-05-14
The industrialisation of food production has saved us time - but we are paying the price in other ways.

Battle ground, 2017-05-13
Why the debate over exactly who should pay tax - and how much - is so difficult to settle.

Chapter closed?, 2017-05-12
President Temer has set out on ambitious reform agenda but his success could be his own undoing.

Macronomics, 2017-05-8
As a former economy minister, Emmanuel Macron needs to prove his economic credentials.

Superstar economics, 2017-05-7
How technology turns small gaps in quality into vast gaps in pay.

Critical factor, 2017-05-5
As Iranians prepare to choose their next president, the economy is emerging as a critical issue.

Hello Arizona , 2017-05-4
Financial jobs in the US have finally rebounded. But they're not growing where you might think.

Presidential challenge, 2017-05-3
France may have a high standard of living but there are some persistent economic problems that will prove a challenge to whoever becomes the next president.

Battery bonanza, 2017-04-30
Could batteries help solve the renewable power problem?

Trumponomics quiz, 2017-04-28
Test your knowledge of the first 100 days of Donald Trump's Presidency

Geeks v government , 2017-04-23
The technology which underpins the internet's security has always been disputed.

Family matters, 2017-04-22
How wealthy your parents are is likely to matter more for young adults than it did for older generations.

Facing the future, 2017-04-16
They may threaten the human workforce, but they are crucial to the modern economy.

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Why the debate over exactly who should pay tax - and how much - is so difficult to settle. BBC News

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